Has your life been shattered by a catastrophic injury or death?

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Has your life been shattered by a catastrophic injury or death?

 Co-Counsel Model


Attentive Communication

You don't need to do this all by yourself

What if the law firm you pick has experience, but not the right experience?

What if the law firm you hire has substantial debt at a high interest rate?

What if the law firm has had disputes with clients over fees?

Three Promises

Co-Counsel Model

We investigate your legal claim. We then identify at least one other law firm matched to your unique case.  You remain in control over the selection and will approve or disapprove the choice.


We pay co-counsel out of our legal fees, so your don’t pay any more no matter how many lawyers are needed through our co-counsel services.

Attentive Communication

We offer attentive communication and customer service.  We provide updates to you in a professional manner on a regular schedule.

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Defend Your Rights:
Navigating Catastrophic Injury Claims

If you or a loved one suffered a catastrophic injury, the stakes are high.  When you are injured, you are vulnerable, physically and emotionally.  What’s more, while you may not be thinking about how valuable your injury claim is, if your accident was in the news or was publicized in some other way, there’s a risk that someone might contact you, even someone you know, and suggest you hire a particular law firm.

If you want a confidential opinion on whether the suggestion of a particular law firm might have violated the rules against solicitation and what your rights are, we are available.  We hope this didn’t happen to you, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of if it did.

We are also available to give you a second opinion on any law firm you are about to hire. 

One of the distinguishing criteria about a catastrophic injury claim is that there’s often no practical upward limit on the recovery of damages.  When you get the right legal team matched to your unique case with everyone’s interests aligned, you can feel it.  Don’t settle for less. 

Awards and Honors

Professional Experience

Jeff started his career at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, one of the largest defense law firms in the country.  Jeff has first hand knowledge dealing with in-house legal departments.  

A Different Path

A corporate legal department won’t just use lawyer advertisements to choose the lawyers that will defend your case. You shouldn’t have to either.  And now you don’t.

A Personalized Plan for You

Do-it-yourself is fine for some things, but it’s no way to make one of the most important decisions of your life.  Get a personalized plan for your unique case.


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We don’t use a standard contact form like many other firms do.  They just don’t tell us enough to have a productive call.  We use an encrypted quiz and your answers go directly to a lawyer.

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A lawyer has reviewed your answers and you can set up a call.  We hope you select the option for a video call.  To get the most out of it, please be in a quiet place with good cell or wifi reception if possible.

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You will get a free, no-obligation assessment of your case.  You can ask any questions you want and a lawyer will answer them you can decide whether you retain our services.

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Testimonial of former client Bernadine S.

“Thank you Jeff for every phone call and every email, for your caring, your concern.  Thank you for walking this long road with us!  There really aren’t any words!  It will seem strange not to have you in our lives after this!

Take good care of yourself, be kind to you!  Please know that you will always be in our hearts and in our prayers.”


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